WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

Well… would you look at at that… a whole new WordPress site! Clever you! Have you logged in yet? If so, you might be sitting looking at the Dashboard wondering what the heck you do next…  so, let me help you with that! (Failing that you’re wondering what on earth a Dashboard is, that’s ok, all will become clear.)

In this tutorial we’re going to introduce the Dashboard and go over the first few settings you should adjust when you are setting up your site for the first time, and we’ll finish today’s lesson with the absolute basics on creating your first pages and posts (including a bit of a look at the differences between the two).

An Introduction to WordPress

This video is the first in a series created for WordPress beginners. Here’s a basic overview of whats in the WordPress

How to Install WordPress

You’ll need:  Your log in credentials for your WordPress site.

Here’s an outline of what we’ll be looking at today:

  1. Introducing the Dashboard
  2. Some basic general settings
  3. Mapping out your site structure
  4. Understanding posts and pages (different content types)
  5. Creating a page
  6. Creating a post
  7. Setting static pages for home and blog pages

Ok, when you first log into your site you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard, the basic control panel from which you will drive your site. From here there are a bunch of places you’ll get familiar with fairly quickly as you begin to manage the content. One of the things you’ll notice in WordPress is that there are often many ways to get to the same place, the way you use it will depend on what works for you. Let’s start with a bit of a quick run through.

At the very top of the page is the Admin Bar, and as with most of WordPress, the content in this bar is context sensitive, as in, what appears in this area will depend on where you are within WordPress. If you are in the Dashboard, as we are in this first image, you’ll be able to hover over the links in the admin bar and get access to the following areas:

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